Partnered with top geospatial solution providers, we are proud to distribute the best products for our valuable customers.

Geospatial Software

Imago Global is partnering with Hexagon Geospatial. Hexagon Geospatial is a global provider of leading Geospatial software products and technologies that we as a partner are now able to offer our customers in Myanmar.

Satellite Imagery

We provide high resolution satellite imagery to low resolution satellite imagery for all clients interested in their geospatial projects. Before the satellite data are ordered and supplied any client can take advantage of consultancy and advisory services related to the choice of proper data, recommended processing and integration with existing tools database. We can guarantee cost effective and straightforward solution adapted for each particular client.

Elevation Data

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is essential part of understainding in precondition for environmental monitoring, geological and hydrological modeling, telecommunication, engineering industries, air traffice and navigation, etc. Using DEM is reducing cost and time for projects planning and taking quick action for emergency response. Imago Global offers customised low to high resolution DEM for customer requirements.